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Titanium is one of the most noble metal and features multiple characteristics that contribute to solve many issues in our world looking for lighter components outlasting former material used in the industries for decades, if not centuries.

One of the best element is the lightness and lower density of Titanium vs standard material such as steel (40% less dense than steel material). Resulting in parts that are as durable than the original steel component for a much lighter component.
No wonder many aircraft OEM manufacturers are proposing options with Titanium components to reduce the fuel consumption of their aircrafts.

Also, this weight saving is notably important in the armored vehicles and equipment used by the military forces. Titanium features a good ballistic resistance while offering a weight reduction varying in-between 15 to 25% vs same protection offered in steel or aluminum materials.

Finally, Titanium offers an incomparable corrosion resistance (compared to stainless steel and aluminum) when in contact with air. This material doesn’t pit, preventing then any cracking compared to standard aluminum and steel materials used in the same wet and heavy corrosion environments. This noble material presents the same corrosion resistance properties when used in biocompatible prothesis within the human body.

All in all, the titanium material may be much more expensive than standard stainless steel and aluminum materials but will offer much greater life-cycle, which offers a great cost-benefit value when maintenance cost of the equipment is constantly rising (or if equipment is used in a confined or restricted area where it is difficult to safely proceed to regular maintenance operations).

If you consider that titanium might be a solution for some of your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Metallurgical Resources so we can assess your requirements in-line vs the best titanium material and processes:
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